Usually gamzee’s hair is the easiest thing for me to draw, but this drawing was fighting with me the whole way! So I called it done for my own sake.

mel hit the pies too hard

this started as a stupid drawing and got dumber

maybe i’ll make a sequel to this


And knowing is half the battle. Go Joe!

Yeah, go Joe!

No, seriously. Leave.

just tryin’ to make a joke and look what i get


theres only so much a man can handle 

the cat is my second favorite character from wtnv for pretty much this reason.

wheres my stylus—i feel like blugh and want to draw before work


netflix is stepping up its game

 invaliddn: Hello friend! Once you get this, you must publicly say five things about yourself then send it to ten of your favorite followers, not back to me!

i ain’t botherin’ people for this but here’s 5 things about myself:

1. favorite tf2 class: medic
2. i’m in a band
3. i made a bunch of bad games for the TI-83+ about 10 years ago that are still online somewhere
4. my thumbs are somewhat broken
5. i can hypnotize myself


I had to make a .gif of the most badass door traversal of all time.

I think I figured out how to livestream games!  Windowed mode kinda sucks but hey, should still be fun. 

I’m thinking I’ll try playing some Skyrim because I haven’t in a while, but I’ve got a whole bunch of PC games I can drag out and play.  I hope people would be up for joining me for somethin’!


saw this tip jar at my Dairy Queen today and lost it at tipiosa

i have two kinds of pals

  1. pals that think they can sass me
  2. pals that survive



Marathon’d MMX and MMX2 today.  (Or rather, my bro did.)

Some of our all-time favorite games!  Always really fun.  Here’s a crappy megaman torso.