is tesco feeling ok 


Joe the Cat’s Office (x)

man i think someone just unfollowed me for those christmas rants!

well i sincerely apologize in that case!

the standing offer always is:

send me movies and i will talk about them

 pianodactyl: The Christmas Tree


 pianodactyl: A Madea Christmas

in which madea gives madea movies to all the bad children in the world

 pianodactyl: The Muppet Christmas Carol

man how did you put this between madea and adam sandler

like, dude, that’s mean

 pianodactyl: Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights

so i’ll give mr. sandler a tiny bit of credit for doing a Hanukkah movie, and not actually physically appearing in the film (and subjecting us to his woeful visage).

however A Grown Ups Christmas will cancel that out in a second.  and you all know that’s coming.

 pianodactyl: Fred Claus

i think i saw the first 20 minutes of this movie once

did they do a sequel?  fred claus 2, oops we’re not actually related ha ha ha well i got money and saved christmas so who cares

 pianodactyl: 12 Christmas Wishes for My Dog

you know how you read the title of a movie and you just know it doesn’t have a budget? or plot?

 pianodactyl: Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups

if they don’t talk i’m gonna throw a fit

if they do talk i’m going to hate myself forever

 pianodactyl: Santa Paws

ha ha ha ha ha ha  hahaha


man i thought the whole point of this movie was that he wasn’t an elf

 pianodactyl: A Grandpa for Christmas

your parents can’t just go out and buy you a grandparent or like

make one

this actually sounds like a pretty awesome idea for a back to the future sequel

 pianodactyl: Jingle All the Way

this is such a lazy movie title

i’m going to make my own christmas special and i’m gonna call it “come on it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you”