Mime jr. will always be my favorite fairy type.




A parakeet trying his hardest to say ‘Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition’


the spanish inqui-baby bird



I love caramel apples!


Everyday is skitty day!

 frostedmeats: ♊ - Which character do you think you are the most similar to?

Hmm, I can’t decide!  Some days I relate very closely to Kanaya (mostly because I really insist on running everything and being super meddle-y), but also, I think Jake would be an apt comparison (I’m corny as heck when given the chance and I’m also pretty clueless at times.)

 flamingfrozengnome: ♎, ♋, ♓

♎ - What is the weirdest theory you’ve ever heard about Homestuck?

Anything involving Eridan being reasonable.  Literally everything else seems plausible.

♋ - Which character do you think is the most mischaracterized by the fandom?

Too many to count!  John and Jade especially, I think.

♓ - Any particular headcannons you really love?

Well, upon first reading, I figured the trolls had exoskeletons/carapaces, since they’re essentially bugs… I kind of really like that idea still, even if it’s far from canon.  

Wait… how have the trolls been sleeping since they left their homes?  I haven’t seen any slime on the meteor…

Homestuck Asks!
♦ - If any single Homestuck character could be real, who would you want it to be?
♠ - What is your favourite act in the comic?
♥ - What is your favourite pesterlog?
♣ - If you could ensure any single character would be alive at the end of the comic, who would it be?
♈ - Who is your least favourite human?
♉ - Which lusus is your favourite?
♊ - Which character do you think you are the most similar to?
♋ - Which character do you think is the most mischaracterized by the fandom?
♌ - Do you think it's okay for new readers to skip the intermission their first time through?
♍ - Who is your least favourite troll?
♎ - What is the weirdest theory you've ever heard about Homestuck?
♏ - What is a headcannon you just can't agree with?
♐ - What's your favourite Homestuck AU?
♑ - Who is your most favourite troll?
♒ - Who is your most favourite human?
♓ - Any particular headcannons you really love?


Litwick is so cutee!!!


I’ve just devolved into drawing skitty in a cute costume everyday.

a good trend






When something doesn’t look right, but you can’t figure out why, make a copy of your layer and try some of these tricks.  Staring too long at a piece without breaks is often where I “kill” a piece and lose scope of the work as a whole.  Thanks to letsplaygods for the supersaturate trick.

I already flip and value check often. Though those other things seem like pretty niffty tricks to keep in mind when i’m spending more than 4 hours straight on a piece//working on something from start to finish.

Also for the love of god remember to zoom out. I’ve had so many awful moments of “this is lookin’ greaFFFFFUUUUUUUU”

I use the flip trick religiously, and the value check when I remember to. Zooming out is also VERY important. It has been hard to teach myself to work initially zoomed out. Focusing in too tight can totally mess up your piece. Remember, people see the big picture first, then the details. That’s how you should work as well.

also if you’re making a big composition where you need to center the attention on certain area you should try the effect “median” (filter->noise->median), it’ll help you see if the sillouettes in your composition aren’t too overwhelming and if you need to fix them in order to direct attention towards the main subject of picture

 frostedmeats: Is it your birthday? If so I hope you have a happy one! Also, for the longest time I wondered what "igoby" meant...until today I realized it wasn't just one word. (I thought it was some sort of strange title) (⌒_⌒;)

Yep, well, the 13th is! It’s a good time for birthdays, huh?

And that’s just incredible, lol.





"I’m in."